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Take the worry out of life with our funeral planning services

Peace of Mind

Naledi Funeral Planners has been serve protecting businesses, mitigating.

Set for Life

Customers told us the things they dislike most insurance. We listened and created.

Tailored Cover

We guarantee at your next renewal, you'll get the same or an even better price.

Protect what you love

Insurance Company has been serving policyholde protecting businesses, mitigating Travel Insurance for added peace of mind.

Services offered by NFP

Stories and information to help you plan, prepare and protect what matters most.

Funeral Policies

We provide all Basotho with affordable funeral policies that will bury loved

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We provide you with the best death care transport solutions

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Funeral Services

We provide you with the best Funeral Services that celebrate the life

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Coffins and caskets

Get the finest coffins and caskets that bury your beloved with integrity

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Well crafted, quality tombstones that will mark the presence of you loved

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